First Semester – Done!

Managerial Finance and International Accounting were tough courses.  I learned ALOT!  I struggled at times to keep up with the volume of work that needed to be done in these two classes but I pulled through.  In the end, Managerial Finance A (97%) and International Accounting A (95%).  Exhale.

4.0 is still in tact.

I have a few weeks off until my next two classes start on January 9th.  Legal Environment of Business (an ethics course) and Marketing Management are next up on the class roster.  I’ll wait to worry about those until after the first of the year.  Between now and then, I have gifts to wrap, Christmas to host, events to attend, pictures to scan, and some good old fashion cleaning to get done.  I am looking forward to the downtime.

I hope everyone in my life has a very Merry Christmas.  I’ll post again after the New Year!




First 2 classes down; 2 more in the works

I received grades for my first two MBA classes…Managerial Accounting – A; Organizational Management – A.

My next two classes…Managerial Finance and International Accounting.  I am currently starting week 3 for those classes.  Managerial Finance is going well.  I am starting to get the hang of this stuff.  However, International Accounting is much more difficult.  Trying to learn the differences between US GAAP and IFRS requirements is difficult when I don’t yet understand the US requirements yet.  I’ll get the work done and I’ll do my best but it is definitely much more difficult.  All that being said, I am really enjoying learning and the learning process.  Both of my classes are on campus this session so that is also different.  I feel so fortunate to be able to take these classes without having to work.  I see some of the other students stressing over work, school assignments, and family obligations.  I count my blessings daily!

Back to the books…

Our trip to Hawaii

My most wonderful husband and I went to Hawaii 10/7-10/15.  What a trip it was!  We were able to meet our new daughter-in-law, Emily, and spend time with her and Holt.  We saw a comedy show, took a long hike along the ocean, did an ATV tour at the K-Ranch to see many sites where movies have been filmed, kayaked at the Polynesian Cultural Center at night, attended a luau, the guys swam with dolphins at Sea Life Park, we visited the Pacific Aviation museum, we swam in the ocean at a couple of different beaches, and ate more than we should have.  My most wonderful husband and I celebrated our anniversary while we were there by spending the day together getting a massage and having a delicious dinner together.  I am such a lucky lady to have a wonderful man in my life and great kids.

Now, it is back to reality.  This is the last week of my first two MBA classes.  I have a final tomorrow and some homework to do for OM, then it is on to Managerial Finance and International Accounting!

Life is good.


Sabbatical – Week 5 and 6

I think I am getting in the groove of school again.  Reading, lots of writing, and studying.  I received an 84% on my first exam…not bad for someone who always freezes for math tests.  My writing assignments are consistently receiving A’s.  I am working ahead in both classes so that I won’t have a lot of homework to do while in Hawaii visiting my son.  That is proving to be a challenge…getting everything done each week plus a little bit of next week’s stuff so when week 7 rolls around I’ll have all of the assignments done and will just need to check in for classes and make discussion posts, etc.  I will be happy I did all of this when I am sitting on the beach instead of working on my laptop in my room.

On 9/6 I attended an on-campus “Meet the Firms” event at Rockhurst.  Other than everyone mistaking me for being one of the vendors instead of one of the students, it was a fun event.  I targeted 6 accounting firms that I knew had forensic accounting practice groups.  I talked to someone from all 6 of those firms and left for class.  I had no idea if I would get a call back but at least I got in the arena and made some contacts.  A week or so later, I heard back from MarksNelson.  I had a follow-up interview with their recruiter last Thursday.  How exciting.  Hopefully something positive comes from that.  If nothing else, I got to practice my interview skills and make some more contacts in the accounting field.  Hopefully I will get an in-office interview soon.

Other than that, I have just been working out daily and trying to keep everything running smoothly at home and with the family.  I am really looking forward to our trip to Hawaii to see my son and his wife.  I had Jack Stack BBQ sent to them today to arrive the day before we do.  I suggested that we could have it for dinner the evening we arrive at Holt and Emily’s place as Emily might be more comfortable meeting us at home than elsewhere.  Hopefully it all goes well.

It is time for me to leave for class.  Managerial Accounting – Week 5, here I come!



Sabbatical – Week 4

This week was filled with lots of ups and downs.  I struggled to keep up with all of the homework and assignments while managing the issues transpiring in my family.  My brother is struggling, he moved out from his girlfriend’s house, had to find a new place to live, coordinate new daycare, sign a lease, send a certified letter to his son’s mother informing her of the new address, and then actually move.  My most wonderful husband and I helped him move but if we had known how much stuff he had, we would have hired movers to get the work done.  Lesson learned.  I did as much as I could to help him but he is in a pretty deep hole financially.  I gave him the best advice I could – seek consumer credit counseling and if they cannot help, hire a lawyer.  My heart breaks for him but there is nothing I can do help him with that.  He let his girlfriend get him in so deep that I am not sure there is a way out for him financially.  At least he and Colin are out of that toxic living environment and they can live in peace.  The money issues will sort themselves out.

Something really weird happened last week while my parents were in Branson.  Someone managed to get into their house and hang up a picture in their hallway of Regina Spektor.  It appears to be autographed.  Nobody except my parents have keys to their house and nothing else was taken or disturbed.  Very weird.   (See below for picture of the picture).

School is going well.  Having just finished the first 2 weeks of the two courses I am taking, I am doing well as far as grades go.  I’m always anxious about grades so of course I am waiting to see what this week’s scores are.  One of my professors asked me if he could use my writing assignment as an example to the class. I asked him to remove my name and feel free to share it but he didn’t respond when I said that.  I guess I will know on Wednesday what he decided to do (my Tuesday class has been moved to Wednesday just for this week) .  So far, I am pulling an A in both classes.  I have my first quiz on Wednesday.  So far so good.  I enjoy being a student but the amount of reading and writing the first two weeks in these classes was tremendous.  This week’s assignments do not look as voluminous.  Thank goodness.

On to Week 5…


Sabbatical Week 3

Well, what a busy week!  The first week of class proved to be quite the challenge.  The online class has so much work that needs to be done each week that just doing those assignments is keeping me busy 7 days a week.  Doing the reading and work for the on-campus class is getting squeezed into smaller and smaller increments.  I am sure I will get into a groove but this week was a bit chaotic.

On top of the school work, I did manage to workout everyday this week except for Friday when I was stuck at my desk trying to hammer out a paper and fielding calls from many different people my former firm.  It appears that my replacement is upsetting everyone at the firm in the staff rankings and some are already looking for new jobs.  Wow, that was quick.  She is also lying about me to them…which is hurtful.  I did everything I could do in advance of my departure to make her life easier only to have her tell everyone I wiped my computer clean…which I did not do.  Ms. Sasse is a Judas of sorts which is no big surprise but I cannot believe my replacement doesn’t see that if she will do that to me, she will do it to her in a New York minute.  For someone with “16 years of law office management experience” she sure doesn’t seem to be tuned in to office politics.

On Friday, Delaney’s bank was robbed while she was there.  She was not the teller who was robbed, but she was right next to her.  How scary.  I am glad the bank robber wasn’t crazy enough to do harm to anyone or even show his gun.  But still, how scary.  On top of that, there was a hurricane headed straight for Oahu where Holt is stationed.  Luckily, the hurricane shifted and stayed to the north of the island.  To top off the week, there was an earthquake in Oklahoma that shook our house for a good long time.  I wasn’t sure what was going on.  I woke Joe up and said hey, the whole house is shaking…He looked up and said “that’s different” and went back to sleep. Haha!  Made me laugh and realize we were going to be okay.  Once the bed stopped shaking, I went back to sleep too.

I’m not sure how next week is going to go but I am hoping for less crazy!


Sabbatical – Week 2

Well, what a week it has been.  My friend Debra and I traveled to Key West on Saturday and back on Tuesday.  We had a lot of fun in the sun, drank a few too many drinks, toured the town, shopped ’til we dropped, and came home in one piece.  On Sunday, I thought it would be fun to lay in the hammocks and relax a bit.  Well, the hammock I chose was strung a bit too tight and I flipped out of it, 3 times!  Twice trying to get into the hammock and once trying to get out.  A sight to be seen I am sure.  Afterwards, my neck was a bit sore but I was otherwise fine until I got home.  When I took my suitcase out of the trunk of my car, my back grabbed and it has been sore every since.  A couple of visits to the chiropractor and I am feeling much better but I was so sore on Wednesday and Thursday.  Glad that is over.

I also marked a few things off of my to-do list this week.  I was able to apply for my Kansas driver’s license and get my Kansas license plates this week.  I am officially a Kansas resident now.  I was also able to work with my academic advisor to get all of my classes mapped out so I know I can get each classes into the one year time frame I have allowed myself for this endeavor.  It is not a perfect class schedule, but it will work.  I was worried there would be a class that wouldn’t be offered during the 12 months and I would need to take an extra session to complete my MBA.  As it stands right now, I am good to go on the one year plan!  I also have Forensic Accounting in my last session which is ideal as I will be studying for the CFE right after that session so I can take that exam as soon as possible after I have my MBA.  It is all coming together nicely.

I have started reading and doing some homework for my Managerial Accounting class.  The reality of the work is starting to set in a bit…nothing I cannot handle…but it is going to be a lot of work.

Next week is my first official week of classes, both online and on campus.  Ready, set, here we go!