Sabbatical – Week 5 and 6

I think I am getting in the groove of school again.  Reading, lots of writing, and studying.  I received an 84% on my first exam…not bad for someone who always freezes for math tests.  My writing assignments are consistently receiving A’s.  I am working ahead in both classes so that I won’t have a lot of homework to do while in Hawaii visiting my son.  That is proving to be a challenge…getting everything done each week plus a little bit of next week’s stuff so when week 7 rolls around I’ll have all of the assignments done and will just need to check in for classes and make discussion posts, etc.  I will be happy I did all of this when I am sitting on the beach instead of working on my laptop in my room.

On 9/6 I attended an on-campus “Meet the Firms” event at Rockhurst.  Other than everyone mistaking me for being one of the vendors instead of one of the students, it was a fun event.  I targeted 6 accounting firms that I knew had forensic accounting practice groups.  I talked to someone from all 6 of those firms and left for class.  I had no idea if I would get a call back but at least I got in the arena and made some contacts.  A week or so later, I heard back from MarksNelson.  I had a follow-up interview with their recruiter last Thursday.  How exciting.  Hopefully something positive comes from that.  If nothing else, I got to practice my interview skills and make some more contacts in the accounting field.  Hopefully I will get an in-office interview soon.

Other than that, I have just been working out daily and trying to keep everything running smoothly at home and with the family.  I am really looking forward to our trip to Hawaii to see my son and his wife.  I had Jack Stack BBQ sent to them today to arrive the day before we do.  I suggested that we could have it for dinner the evening we arrive at Holt and Emily’s place as Emily might be more comfortable meeting us at home than elsewhere.  Hopefully it all goes well.

It is time for me to leave for class.  Managerial Accounting – Week 5, here I come!




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