First 2 classes down; 2 more in the works

I received grades for my first two MBA classes…Managerial Accounting – A; Organizational Management – A.

My next two classes…Managerial Finance and International Accounting.  I am currently starting week 3 for those classes.  Managerial Finance is going well.  I am starting to get the hang of this stuff.  However, International Accounting is much more difficult.  Trying to learn the differences between US GAAP and IFRS requirements is difficult when I don’t yet understand the US requirements yet.  I’ll get the work done and I’ll do my best but it is definitely much more difficult.  All that being said, I am really enjoying learning and the learning process.  Both of my classes are on campus this session so that is also different.  I feel so fortunate to be able to take these classes without having to work.  I see some of the other students stressing over work, school assignments, and family obligations.  I count my blessings daily!

Back to the books…


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