Sabbatical – Week 4

This week was filled with lots of ups and downs.  I struggled to keep up with all of the homework and assignments while managing the issues transpiring in my family.  My brother is struggling, he moved out from his girlfriend’s house, had to find a new place to live, coordinate new daycare, sign a lease, send a certified letter to his son’s mother informing her of the new address, and then actually move.  My most wonderful husband and I helped him move but if we had known how much stuff he had, we would have hired movers to get the work done.  Lesson learned.  I did as much as I could to help him but he is in a pretty deep hole financially.  I gave him the best advice I could – seek consumer credit counseling and if they cannot help, hire a lawyer.  My heart breaks for him but there is nothing I can do help him with that.  He let his girlfriend get him in so deep that I am not sure there is a way out for him financially.  At least he and Colin are out of that toxic living environment and they can live in peace.  The money issues will sort themselves out.

Something really weird happened last week while my parents were in Branson.  Someone managed to get into their house and hang up a picture in their hallway of Regina Spektor.  It appears to be autographed.  Nobody except my parents have keys to their house and nothing else was taken or disturbed.  Very weird.   (See below for picture of the picture).

School is going well.  Having just finished the first 2 weeks of the two courses I am taking, I am doing well as far as grades go.  I’m always anxious about grades so of course I am waiting to see what this week’s scores are.  One of my professors asked me if he could use my writing assignment as an example to the class. I asked him to remove my name and feel free to share it but he didn’t respond when I said that.  I guess I will know on Wednesday what he decided to do (my Tuesday class has been moved to Wednesday just for this week) .  So far, I am pulling an A in both classes.  I have my first quiz on Wednesday.  So far so good.  I enjoy being a student but the amount of reading and writing the first two weeks in these classes was tremendous.  This week’s assignments do not look as voluminous.  Thank goodness.

On to Week 5…



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