Sabbatical Week 3

Well, what a busy week!  The first week of class proved to be quite the challenge.  The online class has so much work that needs to be done each week that just doing those assignments is keeping me busy 7 days a week.  Doing the reading and work for the on-campus class is getting squeezed into smaller and smaller increments.  I am sure I will get into a groove but this week was a bit chaotic.

On top of the school work, I did manage to workout everyday this week except for Friday when I was stuck at my desk trying to hammer out a paper and fielding calls from many different people my former firm.  It appears that my replacement is upsetting everyone at the firm in the staff rankings and some are already looking for new jobs.  Wow, that was quick.  She is also lying about me to them…which is hurtful.  I did everything I could do in advance of my departure to make her life easier only to have her tell everyone I wiped my computer clean…which I did not do.  Ms. Sasse is a Judas of sorts which is no big surprise but I cannot believe my replacement doesn’t see that if she will do that to me, she will do it to her in a New York minute.  For someone with “16 years of law office management experience” she sure doesn’t seem to be tuned in to office politics.

On Friday, Delaney’s bank was robbed while she was there.  She was not the teller who was robbed, but she was right next to her.  How scary.  I am glad the bank robber wasn’t crazy enough to do harm to anyone or even show his gun.  But still, how scary.  On top of that, there was a hurricane headed straight for Oahu where Holt is stationed.  Luckily, the hurricane shifted and stayed to the north of the island.  To top off the week, there was an earthquake in Oklahoma that shook our house for a good long time.  I wasn’t sure what was going on.  I woke Joe up and said hey, the whole house is shaking…He looked up and said “that’s different” and went back to sleep. Haha!  Made me laugh and realize we were going to be okay.  Once the bed stopped shaking, I went back to sleep too.

I’m not sure how next week is going to go but I am hoping for less crazy!



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