Sabbatical – Week 1

I do not know how often I will blog throughout this year but I do plan to blog at least weekly as I have been doing so that I can capture and later remember all that happened during this wonderful year.

My first week after working for 28 solid years was a good one.  I wasn’t sure how I would feel Monday morning when my most wonderful husband got up and went off to work and I had nowhere to go, nowhere to be, nobody that needed me.  I spent my first day working around the house and running errands.  First, I had a nice quiet breakfast while I made a grocery list and menu for the next week and a half.  Then I got to work cleaning the house.  Dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the hardwood floors, cleaning the bathrooms, and the kitchen.  A good overall scrub down.  Certainly was needed.  Then I showered and went to Costco.  Yup, my first day off and I drove into the city just for food.  Costco was surprisingly busy at 2pm on a Monday but I got what we needed and came home.  Side note: on my way to Costco I remembered there was an office furniture store just before the turn for Costco.  I stopped in and found myself an awesome new desk chair for a steal as it had a small stain on it and it was the last one they had of the grouping.

The back of my vehicle was so full I decided to stop by the house, unload all of the stuff I already had in there and then go back out to Dillons to get the small stuff.  By the time I did all of this, it was 5pm.  I sat down for 30 minutes to watch the news before I got up and made a delicious dinner for my most wonderful husband, daughter, and grandson.  And I thought I would be bored!

Day 2 I woke up sore and stiff from all of the house cleaning so I decided to take it a little slower today.  I got up went to the gym.  1 hour on the treadmill, long and slow, but it was plenty.  I think I overdid it a little yesterday.  After my shower I thought I would get my nails done before my trip to Florida later this week.  I called the local salon – booked.  I went by another nail place, but they were busy and it smelled really bad in there so I decided to not take my chances there and just go to the place I know in Legends.  They got me right in and did a great job on my nails.  It was worth the 30 minute drive in each direction.  While I was getting my nails done, my daughter called to say Oliver was coughing a lot and daycare wanted us to pick him up to make sure he wasn’t sick.  I asked that they let him take a nap and call us afterwards.  They did.  I picked him up and took him to the doctor…just a cold.  Nothing to be worried about.  Throughout the day, I received 4 different calls from the office.  I managed to answer all of the questions so Amy could get the checks recorded properly and send out the reports to the appropriate partners.  All good stuff.  After Joe got home to watch Oliver, I made a nice dinner for us and called it a night.

Day 3 I decided to organize my half of the bedroom that my most wonderful husband and I share as an office.  It was a mess of stuff thrown in here because I didn’t know what else to do with it.  Boxes I had packed from when I left previous employers, and other random stuff just waiting for me to deal with it.  I had a lot of purging to do and it got done.  I consolidated what was left into the fewest plastic containers as I could.  Some of the stuff is waiting for me to work on later in my sabbatical, pictures and mementos to scan and save electronically before storing them away somewhere else.  I still have the 2 boxes that I packed from SBH waiting for me downstairs.  The only thing I took out of those boxes was the picture of Joe and I on our wedding day that sits on the shelf I brought up to hold books and other school supplies.  Here is the finished product of 6+ hours of work.  This is where all of the school work will happen (and see my new chair, isn’t it awesome?!)


After I was finished with this major feat, I showered, fixed dinner, ate, and left for new student orientation at school.  It was very informative.  My new student ID is on its way, complete with my picture.  Imagine that, at my age, a student ID.  Oh, and as one of the privileges of being a student at USM, I can use my student ID to get into all of the sporting events at the LVN campus.  Just like the good ol’ days when I used to go to the football games in high school.  Ahh, the joys of being a student again.

Today, Day 4, I did not do much.  I got a good 1 1/2 hour workout in at the gym, took my shower, ate lunch, took my first sabbatical nap, packed what I could in my suitcase for my trip later this week and I’m getting ready to fix my most wonderful husband dinner.

Tomorrow, my most wonderful husband has the day off so we will spend the day together doing whatever we want to do with ourselves until 5pm when Oliver comes over to spend the night.  Then we will chase him all around until he goes to sleep.

Saturday early in the morning I leave for Florida for 4 days with Debra.  Should be a good time.  Some beach therapy is much needed.

A great first week I think.


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