The final week of work

My last week at work was filled with last minute details and training others to take over my job.  Weird but good.  I was able to spend a day and a half with my friend Amy as she will be taking over the financial portion of my job for awhile until Leanne, the new office administrator, can learn the other aspects of the job.  Amy is so great.  She trained me when I arrived and now I am training her…full circle.  I also was able to spend an hour on Thursday and an hour on Friday working with Leanne.  That was not very much time for all of the things I wanted to show her.  As it turns out, we were not able to cover much ground but more than having no time together.  My books arrived for my first semester of classes.  And I was able to complete one final “project” for Charlie…I ordered 16 additional stainless steel forks for the firm.  A company can never have enough forks.

Mike and Trynnel gave me cards and gifts on my final day.  Very nice for both of them to do.  Unnecessary but very nice.  The firm’s photographer, Stacey, stopped by as well with a card and gift.  What a surprise.  He is so nice.  I will miss working with him.

The firm hosted a farewell party for me in the conference room, complete with champagne and cake.  It was weird.  I appreciate the sentiment though.  Some of the comments made by Paul and others were wholly inappropriate and some bordered on pissing me off, but overall, I believe they mean well and I do want the firm to move forward and continue their success.

After the firm party, I met up with a few folks at Grand Street. That was more fun but I drank too much.  Ugh.  Why do I do that?  I need to not do that anymore!

Now, I have 2 weeks to enjoy some freedom before school starts.  I wonder what that will be like?  I have several things I want to get done during that time and I have my 4 day getaway with Debra during that time as well.  I cannot believe this is really happening…WOW!!


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