Things are coming together nicely!

I am finishing out the third week of my four week notice.  It has been an interesting week in the process.  The owners interviewed and hired someone to fill my position.  She starts 8/22.  They have asked me to train her during her lunch hour on Thursday and Friday next week.  That should be a fun experience.  Craig the accountant is coming in on Monday to reconcile the bank accounts, Amy is coming in on Wednesday for me to show her how to do several things including partner draws, and Leanne (the replacement) is coming in Thursday and Friday for me to train her.  Hopefully I don’t need to get much accomplished next week as there won’t be much time for that.

The house in Liberty is officially under new ownership.  All of the papers were signed today.  I should receive my check on Monday via UPS.  That will be a happy day for sure.  I told my most awesome husband that I was a little disappointed walking out of the title company office today…I really wanted a Publisher’s Clearinghouse style check.  I was just being silly but I do feel like a won a big prize having sold the house, made a bit of a profit, and get to move on.  All good things.

I ordered the books for my first 4 MBA classes this week as well.  They should arrive on Monday or Tuesday.  How exciting!  I can’t want to get them.  I bought some spiral notebooks this week too – $.19/each…big spender.  I am starting to feel like a student again…books, binders, pencils…eeek!

Finally for this week I planned a 4-day getaway for my friend Debra and I.  Well, initially I asked my most wonderful husband to go lay on the beach with me for 4 days but he said that did not sound like fun to him.  WHAT?!!  How can this be?  I asked him if I could go with one of my girlfriends and he said yes, he thought I’d have a lot more fun that way.  Oh, what a wonderful, caring, loving, MAN I am married to.  So, Debra and I are running away later this month to Key West in Florida.  Double eeek!  I cannot wait.  I need some beach therapy…no work e-mails to check on, no calling in, no school work…completely free from the tethers of work or school for 4 short days.  I cannot wait.  I am not sure what I will do with all my free time…oh wait, yes I do…drinks some frilly drinks, play some beach volleyball, lay in the sun by the ocean, sleep in each morning (which means anything past 7am), and repeat.

As I said, things are coming together nicely!



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