Gearing up for taking off

One of the goals during my sabbatical is to get back into decent shape for the next half of my life.  I am re-reading a great book to help me get started with that called Younger Next Year for Women.  I’ve read it before but it has taken on new meaning this time because I would love to be younger next year, even if it is just physically.  I started going to the gym, as the book recommends, and doing 1 hour of long and slow cardio.  I’ll continue to do that until I am in better shape and then add some strength training into the mix.  I’d like to be at that point when, on August 13th, I am no longer employed and can attend some of the classes the gym offers during the day.  That will add some variety and a skilled trainer to make sure I am doing this or that properly.  Yoga, Pilates, some classes in the pool, and when I get really brave, perhaps a spinning class.  All of these things I have wanted to try but haven’t.  Now I will have the chance.  But before I do, I wanted to at least get my base cardio back into shape and strengthen my legs so I can make it through the other classes.  1 hour a day until I stop working.  After I stop working, I am going to work up to 2 hours a day.  1 hour in class and 1 hour doing something else.  It may take me a few months to work up to that but that is my goal and it is attainable.  2 hours a day is what I spend now commuting to/from work.  Instead of commuting, I will be working out.  I believe that will allow me to get back into great shape before I return to work and the necessity to bring my workout back to 1 hour.  My first goal is to be able to hike with my husband and son when we visit Hawaii in October.  Last year I was so out of shape that I could barely make it halfway up one of the easier mountain hikes.  When we went ziplining, I could barely make it along the paths to get to the next zip.  This year, I want to be better than that.  I’d like to be able to do beginner to moderate hikes without feeling like I was going to pass out and needing to stop along the way.  I have until October 7th to get into moderate shape so I am gearing up for taking off…1 hour at a time!


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